It all started in a movie theater, a long, long time ago. The tributes to the franchise scour the internet and I found a few gems here worth sharing that pertain to frontend development. Enjoy and explore the code behind these fan inspired snippets.

Introduction Crawl

The iconic movies open with an unforgettable text crawl and the infamous soundtrack. Tim Pietrusky has recreated it with code and is an amazing example for transforming and animating elements.

Choose Your Side

Toggle buttons are all the rage these days and Kasper De Bruyne went the extra mile to bring us an intergalactic, detail-oriented toggle button. Examine how the SVG and styles are integrated to bring hope with a new creative approach on your next project.


Here are two fantastic CSS examples of interactive lightsabers. In one, the user may click the red button to turn it on and off. In the other, we have it spinning seamlessly though space.

Droid React App

BB-8 is one of the most popular characters from the latest movies in the franchise. His speed is well matched in this React app that guides the android wherever the mouse is within the frame.